Coriolis Pendent in Silver _MG_0130.jpg

Coriolis Pendent in Silver

Coriolis Pendent _MG_0130.jpg

Coriolis Pendent

from 185.00
Sahar Pendent

Sahar Pendent

Picot Delicate Choker FaeberStudioPicotCollarCloseUpSmall.jpg

Picot Delicate Choker

from 115.00
Cintra Necklace CintraNecklace1.jpg

Cintra Necklace

from 140.00
Socia Pendent SociaPendant2.jpg

Socia Pendent

from 165.00
The One Over Here - Shipping fee
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The One Over Here - Shipping fee

Inro Locket Locket_.jpg

Inro Locket

from 229.00