Qui Hoops squarespaceQuiHoopProfile.jpg

Qui Hoops

Qui Hoops Silver SquareSpaceQuiHoopsOnTableSilver.jpg

Qui Hoops Silver

Feya Drop Earrings squarespaceFeyaDropEarringside.jpg

Feya Drop Earrings

from 176.00
Zinaida Drop Earrings squarespaceZinaidiaDropEarringsFlat.jpg

Zinaida Drop Earrings

from 198.00
Feya Drop Earrings in Silver FaeberStudio_MaryKang_018.JPG

Feya Drop Earrings in Silver

from 176.00
Soavi Ring squarespaceSoaviRingSideLEft.jpg

Soavi Ring

from 209.00
Elea Ring squarespaceEleaAventurineSide.jpg

Elea Ring

from 170.00
Soavi Ring in Silver squarespaceSoavieFrontSilver.jpg

Soavi Ring in Silver

Elea Ring in Silver squarespaceEleaRingSideSilver.jpg

Elea Ring in Silver

Atuale Mini Hoops squarespaceAtulaeMiniHoopFrontal.jpg

Atuale Mini Hoops

from 68.00
Atuale Studs squarespaceAtulaeStudsSideBrass.jpg

Atuale Studs

from 60.00
Atuale Mini Hoops in Silver squarespaceAtulaeMiniHoopFrontalSilver.jpg

Atuale Mini Hoops in Silver

Atuale Studs in Silver squarespaceatualestudsSilverSide.jpg

Atuale Studs in Silver

Clip Studs in Silver squarespaceClipEarringsontableSilver.jpg

Clip Studs in Silver

from 88.00
Clip Studs squarespaceClipEaringsonside.jpg

Clip Studs

from 66.00
Acies Studs _MG_0004 copy.jpg

Acies Studs

from 55.00
Acies Studs in Silver _MG_0004 copy.jpg

Acies Studs in Silver

Eurythmia Hoops squarespaceEurythmiaEarringSilver.jpg

Eurythmia Hoops

from 290.00
Eurythmia Hoops in Silver squarespaceEurthymiaBrass.jpg

Eurythmia Hoops in Silver

Asha Hoops _MG_0238.jpg

Asha Hoops

from 143.00
Asha Hoops In silver _MG_0238.jpg

Asha Hoops In silver

Zaun Ring ZaunRing3:14.jpg

Zaun Ring

from 123.00
 Multoon Ring multooncroppedforsite.jpg

Multoon Ring

Zaun Ring in Silver ZaunSquarespacejpgSilver.jpg

Zaun Ring in Silver

150.00 187.00
Multoon Ring Silver multooncroppedforsite.jpg

Multoon Ring Silver

Sabartes Linked Bracelet squarespaceSabartesSideBrass.jpg

Sabartes Linked Bracelet

from 517.00
Torquent Hoops squarespaceTorquentHoopsSilver.jpg

Torquent Hoops

from 154.00
Ignis Earrings Extended in Silver squarespacetemplateIgnisEarringExtended.jpg

Ignis Earrings Extended in Silver

Ignis Earrings Extended squarespacetemplateIgnisEarringExtenededSilver.jpg

Ignis Earrings Extended

from 164.00
Torquent Half Hoops _MG_0403.jpg

Torquent Half Hoops

from 132.00
Torquent Half Hoops in Silver _MG_0403.jpg

Torquent Half Hoops in Silver

from 132.00
Coriolis Pendent in Silver _MG_0130.jpg

Coriolis Pendent in Silver

Coriolis Pendent _MG_0130.jpg

Coriolis Pendent

from 185.00
Corso Hoop squarespaceCorsoOnTableBrass.jpg

Corso Hoop

from 140.00
Sahar Pendent

Sahar Pendent

Oribtal Cuff OribitalCufftoppsd.jpg

Oribtal Cuff

from 418.00
Current Cuff _MG_0387.jpg

Current Cuff

from 315.00
Avita Studs squarespaceAvitaStudsLongBrass.jpg

Avita Studs

from 93.00
Coriolis Earrings Image-1.jpg

Coriolis Earrings

from 116.00
Coriolis Earrings in Silver CoriolisEarringsSideViewSilver_SquareSpace.jpg

Coriolis Earrings in Silver

Avita Studs in Silver squarespaceAvitaStudsSilverLong.jpg

Avita Studs in Silver

Tuzee Ring squarespaceSecondSideView.jpg

Tuzee Ring

from 92.00
Lorette Ear Cuffs FaeberStudio_MaryKang_069.JPG

Lorette Ear Cuffs

from 99.00
Tuzee Ring in Silver squarespaceTuzeeRingSilverSide.jpg

Tuzee Ring in Silver

Aphra Studs squarespaceAphraStudsSide.jpg

Aphra Studs

from 110.00
Picot Delicate Choker FaeberStudioPicotCollarCloseUpSmall.jpg

Picot Delicate Choker

from 115.00
Tricote Bangles hands horizontal.jpg

Tricote Bangles

from 160.00
Cintra Necklace CintraNecklace1.jpg

Cintra Necklace

from 140.00
Socia Pendent SociaPendant2.jpg

Socia Pendent

from 165.00
Naed Ring with lapis Faeber Studio Naed Ring

Naed Ring with lapis

from 105.00
Eumelia Earrings Faeber_Craft_-34.jpg

Eumelia Earrings

Cradle Ring in Silver CradleRingForSquareSpaceSilver.jpg

Cradle Ring in Silver

150.00 187.00
Ohne Earrings curveearringsprofile.jpg

Ohne Earrings

from 165.00
Cradle Ring ringTop2-2 copy.png

Cradle Ring

from 123.00
The One Over Here - Shipping fee

The One Over Here - Shipping fee

R. Pilot Ring re-size
sold out

R. Pilot Ring re-size

Ohne Studs OhneStudsBrass.jpg

Ohne Studs

from 88.00
Inro Locket Locket_.jpg

Inro Locket

from 229.00