No. 1

Bracelet featuring cascading brass fang forms, with matte, high polish and etched finishes. 

Designed to feel like a second skin, you can't help, but be engaged as the smooth forms roll over your wrist with fluid ease.

No. 2

Kinetic raw brass bracelet featuring emerald cut synthetic iolite.

No. 3

Scored and folded raw brass frame with crocodile embossed leather front and back plates, featuring rhythmic handle detail.

Tacit History

Pair of raw brass cuffs.  The cuffs feature over 700 hand formed discs creating organic consistency and deep visual impact.


12.6 ct waterfall faceted grossular garnet and silver pendant, featuring dynamic wire constructed setting.


Pink Moon

Fine silver bracelet with hand formed and 3D modeled links and custom cut faceted rainbow moonstone. 


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